The Club

Not all dogs are alike

Some dogs do not respond well to the traditional ways of teaching a particular exercise, so it becomes the job of the instructor to think outside the box and reach into her bag of tricks to find the best training methods to motivate a dog to become eager to learn. This is where you will discover the difference between good intentions and the valued experience of an instructor. The experience will always prevail.

Dog training at GNDOC follows a lesson plan, but that plan is adapted to the individual dog’s ability to learn. Instructor Camille Robinson is often heard to say to handlers, “There are many ways to train an exercise”, and she will proceed to demonstrate different ways to teach a dog a specific exercise. Camille realized when training her first dog, that ‘one size does not fit all’ in the world of dog training, and she has adapted her training methods to meet the needs of her students and their dogs.

Training Facility

1837 Davisville Road
Willow Grove, PA
(We are behind Papa Johns
in the Zumba Building)