Member Notice

Board Meeting 

The current Board met December 16, 2017 and after review and discussion, have passed the following resolutions:
1.  Beginning in January, 2018, annual membership dues will be $70.
2.  Beginning in February, 2018, Beginner and Intermediate class rates will be $135 per 8-week session.
3.  Beginning in January, 2018, Member class rates will be $85 per 8-week session.
4.  The Club will institute online registration and credit card payment for classes.

In addition, the Club will be sending Camille and Jo to the National Association for Obedience Dog Instructors (NADOI) annual meeting and training seminars in Durham, NC in May, 2018. 

Drop-Ins in classes are allowed! 

The rules are:
1.  Members only
2.  Prior approval by instructor
3.  Must be enrolled in a class
4.  Drop-in only allowed in classes that are not full
5.  Maximum of 8 people per class - Enrollees first, then drop-ins
6.  Cost - $10 per class

Class enrollment and CLASS size POLICIES

Members need to enroll and pre-pay for the classes you are taking. For example, members will pay $80 for each 8-week session. You will still only be paying $10 a week, just enrolling and pre-paying. As students in the Beginner and Intermediate classes move up to the next level, in order to accommodate all, this process has to be in place. It would not be fair to anyone if people show up and there is no room in the class.

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure which class you should sign up for, please contact Camille directly. (215) 745-1003 or (215) 817-4760.  Thank you!

New classes for members!

Good Neighbor Dog Obedience Club is now offering classes aimed at improving the skills you and your dog have developed.

Step it up a notch! You already understand the exercises; now why not tighten your heeling, retrieval, out-of-sight sits and downs, or articles? 

Whatever your needs, let Camille help you reach your goals in Obedience. GNDOC now offers new, more-focused classes in:
• Novice
• Open
• Utility